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Item specifics
  • Function: Answer Call,Week,Remote Control,Dial Call,Alarm Clock,Month,Phase of the Moon,Passometer,World Time,Call Reminder
  • APP Download Available: Yes
  • Style: Cute
  • Band Material: Silica Gel
  • ROM: 2GB
  • Brand Name: FineFun
  • Band Detachable: Yes
  • Screen Shape: Square
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Network Mode: 2G
  • RAM: 512mb
  • Battery Capacity: >450mAh
  • Battery Detachable: Yes
  • Mechanism: Yes
  • System: None
  • Movement Type: Electronic
  • Multiple Dials: Yes
  • Screen Size: 0.96
  • Waterproof Grade: Life Waterproof
  • Language: English
  • CPU Model: MTK6260A
  • SIM Card Available: Yes
  • Compatibility: All Compatible
  • Application Age Group: Child
  • Resolution: 240*240
  • GPS: Yes
  • Type: On Wrist
  • Camera: 2MP
  • Function: Camera
  • Location: GPS+LBS+WIFI
  • Battery: 600mah
  • SIM Card: Micro SIM Card
Product Description








JM13 3G Smart Watch Children Kid Wristwatch With Camera GSM GPRS GPS Locator Tracker Anti-Lost Smartwatch Guard For IOS ADNROID
User Guide of G75 Watch (Safety Guard 2)
Please carefully read the Guide before using for correct installation and quick use. The color of products shall be subject to real object.
I. Preparation before Use
Check if the device model is right and the accessories are complete.
Select 3G SIM card available for WCDMA, for example China Unicom 3G card. For details, please refer to the distributor’s advice. (Power off before the card is built-in)
GPRS and caller ID functions are required for SIM card of the watch.
The client APP is required to be installed on the mobile phone. For more information about the client, please inquire your distributor.
The barcode or two-dimension code is used to register users.
II. Product Functions 
GPS+wifi+ base station, triple positioning modes
Mobile client or computer GPRS service platform, dual control modes
GPRS real-time positioning, tracking, monitoring
Curriculum schedule
Early childhood education
Encyclopedia Q&A
Games: Math Freak, Link Game
Watch alarm clock
Safe area
SOS emergency alarm
Low power alarm
Remote power off
III. Several Screen Displays and Explanation
First-level menus:
Several second-level menus:
4.1 Lock screen: Day of the week, date and operator (missed calls not shown in the figure)
4.2 Main interface: the first line from left: notification message (not shown in the figure), small icon to show mute mode (not shown in the figure), GSM signal, power, time (12-hour system). The second line shows the time (24-hour system). The third line shows the day of the week and the date. The fourth line shows the heart awards. 
4.3 Photo: click to see photos taken by the watch. Photos may be deleted.
4.4 Camera: click to take photos. Besides, the camera may rotate 90 degrees.
4.5 Settings: WLAN and Internet, device, system (date and time, about the mobile phone, other related items, power off and reboot).
4.6 Files management: used to check the store status of the mobile phone. It’s recommended not to delete the file.
4.7 Contacts: click to see the fifteen numbers set on the APP, select the number and click to dial.
4.8 Curriculum schedule: click to see courses from Monday to Friday on the APP. Click the course title to see the course duration. Change the curriculum schedule on the APP.
4.9 Early childhood education: divided into four categories, i.e. recognizing figures, recognizing fruit, recognizing animals and recognizing vehicles. It may also broadcast the introduction in Chinese and English.
4.10 Encyclopedia Q&A: in this interface, shortly press the recording icon and speak out what to search, then shortly press the icon again to stop recording and the watch will find out the answer and read it out. Judgment is required based on the voice volume and voice effectiveness since the content searched is uncontrollable and for reference only.
4.11 Friendshake: click to enter the interface, shake the watch to look for and add friends. The picture would be lightened as notice of friends added successfully. The watch of its kind may help to add four friends at most. Click the picture to chat with friends and send voice and pictures to them. Long press the message/messages from friends to “delete” it and “delete all”. Long press the “picture of the friend” to remove a friend.
4.12 Voice Chat: click to chat on the APP. Voice and pictures may be sent to the mobile phone. Note: messages can’t be sent from the watch to the APP in the mobile phone but can be sent from the app in the mobile phone to the watch. 
4.13 Steps counting: steps counting function is shut down by default and needs to be started in the APP. After opening, the watch will automatically count steps. Click the interface to see the number of steps. Slide the interface to see the distance, calories and number of steps.
4.14 Weather: click to see weather of the current city.
4.15 Math Freak: click to enter the interface and click “Start” to start the game which is classified into three grades in order of difficulty, i.e. “easy, moderately difficult and difficult”. Click the settings button to set it up.
4.16. Link Game: click to enter the interface and click “Start” to start the game.
IV.Client (Safety Guard 2) Operation Manual
5.1 APP registration
Before login, it’s required to register an account manually. To register, scan or manually input the 15-bit registration code which is unique and can’t be repeatedly used. Where it has been used, it’s required to ask the agent to restore the corresponding ID number or registration code; the account for login is 4-16 figures or letters and must be unique. It can’t be the same with others, or the user is required to change the account and register a new one; other information can be input by the user voluntarily and the password can be revised. The registration code is required to retrieve the password. It’s required to fill in a phone number for login and registration. The interface for registration is shown as follows:
5.2 Main interface function introduction
5.2.1 APP function menu interface
Upon completion of registration, input a correct account and password in the login interface and click login to enter the main interface which is shown as follows:
Explanation of several functions:
(1) Voice Chat: realize dialogue between the watch and APP
App sends voice: after the recording function is started, the APP begins recording and sends the voice to the watch. The longest voice may last 15 seconds. Upon receiving the voice, the voice interface in the watch will pop up a tip. Click it to play the voice.
Watch records: touch the screen and enter the Voice Chat interface, long press “record” button to start voice recording, release the button and send the recoding to the APP when finished; after adding friends, click Friendshake and enter the recording interface, long press to record, release the button and send the recording to friends.
APP sends pictures: in the voice dialogue interface, switch the enter key to send messages and pictures, click the right “+” icon to choose pictures and click to send them.
Watch sends pictures: touch the screen and enter the Voice Chat interface, click the left “+” icon to take photos and send them to APP
(2) Baby’s information: set baby’s basic information, hobbies and interests, personality label and so on.
(3) Settings: set each parameter of the watch.
Set SOS phone number: three phone numbers can be set. In case of an emergency, press the SOS key for three seconds on the watch to give an alarm and the watch will circularly dial the three phone numbers. It will dial for two rounds if no one is answering. 
Voice monitoring: generally set at parents’ phone number. After monitoring is started, the watch will automatically dial the set phone number. The watch can’t hear the mobile phone, but the mobile phone can monitor the watch.
Mode: four modes, i.e. vibrating and ringing, ringing, vibrating and mute.
Message alert setting: low power, sos, remove the switch of the three message alarms. Alarm messages will be sent by the watch to the three phone numbers and normal SMS charges will be incurred. After setting, the phone numbers will also be stored in the voice monitoring by default.
Remote photographing: enter the interface and click “remote photographing” button to control the watch for remote photographing, renew the interface every 30 seconds. Click on the photo to enlarge it. The photo can be rotated 90 degrees and the time when it’s taken can also be checked.
Contacts: 15 contact numbers can be set by the APP to contact with the watch for dual-way communications.
Watch alarm: three alarm clocks can be set according to personal needs.
Look for the watch: if the watch is not around, send this instruction and the watch will ring for one minute to facilitate searching. Press the button to stop ringing.
Curriculum schedule: set courses and duration from Monday to Friday. Click the corresponding box in the App interface to edit and save.
Remote power off: after booting for regular operation, the watch can only be powered off by a remote APP instead of pressing the key. 
Restore the default operation mode: default operation mode: GPS opened for 24 hours a day with an uploading interval of 10 minutes.
(4) Positioning: real-time display of the watch’s position.
The map interface may display the position of the watch and the APP-installed mobile phone. Click “positioning” to begin real-time positioning of the watch for 3 minutes with an uploading interval of 10 seconds. Three minutes later, restore to default operation mode. The real-time positioning mode of the watch can be viewed in the map interface. The red icon is for GPS positioning, the blue for base station positioning and the green for wifi positioning which is also known as Web positioning.
(5) Locus: the historical locus of the watch can be checked according to the time period. The base station switch in the interface is used to display the position of the base station when the locus is checked. Turn on the switch to display the location of the base station. When the switch is turned off, no location of the base station would be displayed.
(6) Functions list: click the water-drop icon at the upper left corner.
Safe area: the fence has a minimum radius of 500 meters. Only when the user walks out of the fence from its inner side and when the GPS is opened for positioning will be an alarm given. Besides, only one electronic fence can be set.
Mode of attendance: the watch will reject all calls during these three time frames.
Friendshake: after friends are added, the watch will display their ID numbers. Each watch may help to make four friends at most.
Health: set time frames for steps counting and sleeping and check the history of a week.
Heart awards: select a number of hearts on the APP, click OK to send them to the watch. Then, the watch will display the hearts and their number on the screen.
Information center: click to check the alarm information records of the watch.
(7) Personal setting: water-drop icon at the upper right corner.
Note: User’s ID number can be checked in the device list. If user’s ID is inconsistent with the ID pasted on the watch, the watch can’t connect to the APP.
Detailed explanation of all functions is given in the “Help” file for customers to check.
(8)Switch: if several watches are managed by one account, click the icon for free switch and control. Switch into current settings for control.
(9) Device: click the icon and the map interface will be renewed to show the current position of the watch. Three icons under the position are designated for mobile phones.
5.3 Explanation for watch alarm
After the watch gives various kinds of alarms, the mobile client may receive notification. Click the alarm notification to enter the APP interface and enter the information center to check the specific alarm content.
V. Explanation of Operation Mode of the Watch
Three basic operation modes, i.e. normal mode, power saving mode and real-time positioning mode, with different uploading intervals for different operation mode.
Normal mode: uploading interval of 600 seconds;
Power saving mode: uploading interval of 3,600 seconds; 
Tracking mode: uploading interval of 60 seconds;
VI. Watch Operation Manual
7.1 Watch SOS emergency alarm
Long press the SOS key for three seconds. The watch displays SOS on its screen, enters into an alarm condition and circularly dials three SOS phone numbers for two rounds or until the phone call is answered. The watch may send messages to the monitoring phone number (closed by default) and send alarm notification to the APP.
7.2 Friendshake
Certain force is required to swing the watch to add friends in the interface. By uploading data the watch request the server for binding. The server would judge if to bind two watches as friends according to time and distance. Friends can be added successfully if all conditions are met.
7.3 Voice Chat
Enter the Voice Chat interface of the watch to chat with the APP. Click friends to chat with them.
7.4 Photographing
Enter the camera of the watch to take photos and record daily life.
7.5 Study
Enter the Early childhood education and Encyclopedia Q&A interface of the watch to study. The watch will be a good partner for children to grow with.
7.6 Games
Enter games of the watch and children will entertain themselves simply and enrich their spare time.
7.7 Answer and hang up the call
The watch may communicate with relevant phone numbers set by the APP, ensuring the communications between children and relatives.
7.8 Power off
Enter settings-system-power off and reboot, click “power off” or “reboot”
APP remote power off
Power off
8. Trouble clearing
If the watch fails to connect to the server after being booted for the first time and the APP sends an instruction that the device fails to connect the Internet, please check:
1) Whether the SIM card in the watch is available for WCDMA network; the device only supports Unicom 3G card.
2) Whether the SIM card in the watch is accessing data traffic. It must be available for and currently can only use 3G data traffic.
3) Server parameters refer to IP and the port. Whether the ID is correct. It must ensure that the ID barcode pasted on the watch is consistent with the one written into the watch when it left the factory. Customers may text pw,123456,ts# by the mobile phone and sent it to the watch (the watch must have a card built in and be booted up; messages must be texted in English). In case of any questions, please inquire the agent.
4) Failures to register are divided into two kinds: a. if it’s indicated that the device number doesn’t exist or is already registered, an agent is required to be visited and deal with the problem; b. if it’s indicated that the account is registered that is to say the account already exists, customers may change the account for re-registration.
9. Two-dimensional code scanning entrance
Scan the two-dimensional code to download Android and IOS mobile client to select “safety guard” or “safety 



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  • Package Weight: 0.28kg (0.62lb.)
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